Supervision & Mentoring

Supervision & Mentoring

For Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Body workers, Yoga Practitioners, Coaches, and Therapists.

Supervision is a process, which aims to provide a supportive space that allows you to reflect on your practice to support you in your development of the highest standards of working and continue to develop your professional skills resulting in enhancement of your therapeutic practice.

Why do you need supervision?

One of the purposes of supervision is to ensure that you work safely within the limits of your training, experience, and ability so that you can protect your own well being and practice safely with your clients. Supervision is about helping you to grow and expand as a professional increasing your skills, experience, and confidence.

What can supervision do for you?

  • Develop your therapeutic practice
  • Enhance effective working with clients
  • A supportive and empathetic space for you to discuss your client work
  • Provide an impartial perspective
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Help you to reflect on your work and maintain ethical boundaries
  • Develop your personal and professional self-awareness

Why is supervision important?

It is important to gain supervision for a number of reasons. Many therapists work in isolation and therefore do not have any other therapists to use as a benchmark to compare themselves against. Supervision can act like that much needed external reflection. Without a regular evaluation of confidence versus competence, the therapist may begin to feel that their development is static. Supervision is a means to encourage progress and focus on continuous practice development to support effective therapeutic practice and standards.
Supervision ensures that the therapist practices within the ethical boundaries of their governing bodies that ensure the client's well-being and safety.

Which therapies do I provide supervision for?

I can provide supervision for Healthcare professionals who work within the NHS or in Private practice. I work with counsellors and psychotherapists who are both registered and training for BACP or UKCP accreditation. I also provide supervision for therapists working in the complementary or alternative field in both human and animal practice.

How do you access supervision?

  • In-person supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Telephone supervision
  • Internet based supervision using Skype

How often do I need supervision?

The frequency of your supervision will largely be determined by the requirements of your registering body. If this is not the case I would simply suggest that you access supervision on a regular monthly basis depending on how many clients you are working with.


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