Equine Assisted Learning & Transformational Coaching

Equine Assisted Learning & Transformational Coaching

Through my own experience and journey to emotional health and balance I have found that horses played a major role in showing me the truth about myself in a gentle and respectful way (whilst I did not always appreciate or recognise their power to do this), the horses helped me move to gain both the insight and understanding about how to feel free from past traumas and focus on the positive aspects of each moment of the present. They remain my guides and mentors and never cease to provide me with new learning's that serve to empower the quality and richness of my life. This approach to working with clients through the medium of the horse gives a truly unique experience to the client of their own personal discovery. Horses play a large part in showing the person where they are within themselves high lighting the individual's issues in relation to self-confidence, self-worth, communication, connection, boundaries, trust, fear and much much more.

How does EAL work?

Equine Assisted Learning  is an emerging field in which you will interact with horses in their natural environment as a tool for your emotional growth and learning. Karen is a skilled Integrated Somatic Psychotherapist & Breathworker, Transformational Coach and Equine handler and would work with both you and the horse to facilitate a gentle yet powerful therapeutic experience.

You will experience learning about yourself and others through activities with the horse and then discussion and processing of feelings and behavioural patterns that you may wish to explore or change. EAP has been used successfully in both USA and the UK as a treatment intervention and can [positively impact on depression, anxiety, ADD/ ADHD, grief /loss/divorce abandonment, family of origin issues, addiction eating disorders, abuse issues and post-traumatic stress due to abuse.

How does Equine Assisted Learning work?

Using a similar approach to EAP you will work with Karen in an environment in which the relationship with you and the horse is used a mirror to promote exploration of feelings and behaviours to teach and enhance your healthy life skills. Equine assisted learning can include personal growth and development workshops designed to improve self-knowledge and skills in the areas of, communication, confidence, healthy conflict resolution, leadership skills, effective parenting and relationship building with others or the horse/owner relationship.


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