About Karen Eastham

Karen grew up with horses and has always had a passion for animals. Her enthusiasm for horses inspired her to train as a Professional Equine Coach and also an Integrated Health Practitioner and Transformational Coach for people and horses.

She has her own horses, and has for many years competed in the disciplines of both Eventing and Dressage. As her practice has evolved over the past 40 years, Karen has become well established in her work both within Healthcare and also the Equine industry.


Her therapeutic practice integrates Trauma informed Equine Coaching & Handling, Bodywork, Somatic Movement, Breath-work, & Emotional Health Practices. All these practices incorporate both a conventional & complementary approach to support physical and emotional health and well-being of people and horses.

Karen has always placed her focus and attention on developing a mindful and holistic approach to the way that she both communicates and lives with horses, people and all animals.

This has led to the creation of a pathway and approach to working with people and animals that incorporate authenticity, self-awareness, compassion and connection at the heart of its work.

Karen knew from a very early age that there was far more to working with horses and people than just focusing on improving the physical body. She learned that a holistic approach to therapy and care using a mind, body and spiritual approach gained the best success and outcomes for health and well-being for the client be they human or horse.   

She seeks to empower the people and horses that she works with to allow the restoration of a calm, relaxed balanced way of living and being that serves to promote an improvement in their current health.

Karen now incorporates all her conventional and complementary knowledge and skills that facilitate a holistic integrative approach to caring and supporting people and horses. This facilitates her clients to achieve better physical, emotional health and well-being for themselves and their animals.


I am bound by the strict ethics and codes of practice of the organisations to which I belong. I will always use the minimum number of sessions consistent with your best interests. I do not promise miracles, and if I feel I cannot help you I will tell you at once and I will try to suggest a more appropriate approach. A parent or guardian must always accompany children under the age of eighteen.