Flower Essences Consulation

Flower Essences Consulation

Essences are extracts from flowers or minerals which have a positive effect on the emotional system of a person or animal. They can be used to support many emotional imbalances that a person or animal can experience such as fear, anger, lack of self-confidence, stress & anxiety, sadness and dejection.

They are 100% natural and can be safely taken by children, adults, and animals. They are completely safe, have no side effects, not addictive and can be taken in conjunction with conventional medicines.Essences can be used orally, topically or as mister sprays to enhance well-being.

St Francis UK Essences

The St Francis Essences are a range of natural vibrational essences made from the wildflowers and plants in the Pendle countryside in the heart of Lancashire.
The range has been made with a deep love and commitment to support horses, people, and all other wildlife in nature.

The Essences were founded by Karen Eastham in 2016 on the Festival of Animals and have been made to support all animals and people.

Karen provides consultations for horse owners and their animals that wish to use Essences to support both themselves and their animals emotionally. A consultation will last an hour and can be done by a 1;1 method and also by phone or Zoom.

She also teaches the Horse owner / Rider how to use essences for themselves and their horse in both workshops and individually.


for St Francis Essences UK for People & Horses, click here.

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