Equine Muscle Release Therapy & Animal Bowen

Equine Muscle Release Therapy & Animal Bowen

Horses are athletes and, like humans are subject to stress and strain. By balancing and realigning the bodies systems the underlying problems which develop from stress and strain and which may be causing your horse's symptoms are alleviated. EMRT could prevent these problems from happening in the first place and can be used as a method of maintaining and balancing day to day performance. EMRT is a useful tool for aiding healing in the case of acute or chronic injury, metabolic disturbances, and mental or emotional problems.

What is EMRT?

EMRT works in conjunction with your vet and does NOT replace veterinary treatment. EMRT is a treatment that acts on the neuromuscular system by application of gentle pressure to the surfaces of the muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. As a result, there is a holistic effect on all other systems of the body - improving circulation, lymph drainage, and hormone release excretion of toxins and restoring the metabolic balance of the body. It is a non- invasive technique, consisting of soft tissue manipulations over the "junction boxes" of the nervous system (Proprio receptors) to create an overall balancing effect; EMRT can activate the bodies own healing abilities and release muscle spasms, whilst realigning skeletal imbalances. The treatment results in mental and physical relaxation through the release of natural endorphins and serotonin by the body.

EMRT was originally developed by Alison Goward of Australia and is accredited worldwide by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA) and the Bowen Association UK ( Bowtech UK). More information about the BTAA can be found at www.emrt.eques.com.au

What does the treatment involve?

Each treatment starts with a visual assessment and simple palpation tests to assess the musculoskeletal system and nervous state of the horse. The treatment takes approximately one hour. During this time, a series of movements of the hands across different parts of the horse's body takes place, manipulating the muscles, nerves, connective tissue and fascia. It is advisable for best results to have two consecutive treatments one week apart. Karen will also check your saddle to ensure that the horse does not have soreness as a result of badly fitting tack. If this is found to be the case she may suggest that the tack is taken to a saddler of the owners choice for adjustment.

Karen will then work with you to formulate a rehabilitation plan that will assist your horses work to recover body balance. and regain fitness for the ridden work that the horse is capable of.

What can EMRT be used for?
  • Muscular, tendon and ligament strains and problems
  • Skeletal / structural problems
  • Illness and injury recovery
  • Removal of toxins
  • Degenerative and growth disorders
  • Mental and emotional problems caused by fear
  • Tenseness, confusion and pain maintenance of body balance particularly for horses in medium to hard competitive work
  • Prevention of problems or as a treat for your horse

Animal Bowen

Animal Bowen is now being used with working dogs, companion animals and in rescue centres across the world.

animal bowen


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