Free Flow Yoga

Free Flow Yoga

This unique horsemanship yoga is aimed at people who want to build or improve their connection with horses as well as developing an understanding of the role that our bodies and minds play in all our actions in life.

Through the physical practice of certain yoga postures, we learn how to relax and become more aware of our bodies and how we move them. As horses are masters at reading body language, being more attuned with our own bodies will greatly improve communication with them, whether we are on the ground or in the saddle.

The practice of yogic breathing helps us become more aware of our breathing and learning how to use it as another communication tools with the horses. Yogic breathing also increases concentration, and with better focus, communication with the horses becomes clearer and easier and more mindfully aware.

As horses are acutely aware of the emotional state of their handler or rider, being aware and in control of our emotions is essential to build a relationship of trust with them in order to ride, handle or compete the horses at any level.

In these situations, the confidence, calm and emotional balance developed through yoga and mindfulness practice makes all the difference, and through Free Flow Yoga you will gain a strong sense of balance, calmness, peace and alignment physically and emotionally in all that you do.


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