Easy Breathing Techniques

1. Deep Breathing:  Deep breathing is a simple but very effective method of relaxation. It works well in conjunction with other relaxation techniques such as Progressive Muscular Relaxation, relaxation imagery and meditation to reduce stress.

To use the technique, take a number of deep breaths and relax your body further with each breath. That's all there is to it!

2. Abdominal breathing or 3 part breathing:  Place hands on belly. Your hands should go out with your belly on inhale, in on the exhale. Repeat until feeling relaxed.Alternative: start with abdomen and expand to chest and shoulders, then reverse on exhale.

3. Breath Counting:  Use your own comfortable count not actual seconds

7/11 Breath for Relaxation, calming and sleep: Inhale for 7 seconds, Pause, Exhale for 11 seconds

Equal inhale – exhale – helps to calm and still the mind: Initially it may be helpful to count on inhale and exhale: 5 of inhale /5 of exhale before progressing to a Ratio of 7/1/7/1 Inhale for 7- Pause for 1 - Exhale for 7 -Pause for 1

Rainbow Fitness Programme

There are numerous views on how your horse should work to become fit for the job you want him to do. All of them take time and an appreciation of the balance and confirmation of each animal, so this plan is a suggested plan only.

It is advised that if your horse a shows any signs of stiffness or a reluctance to perform at any time during this programme that you will discuss this with your vet and/ or Equine Therapist.

In order to use this programme your horse will have been passed as sound by your vet.

Click here to download the PDF.