Breathwork Connection

Breathwork Connection

Breath Awareness

Becoming aware of the breath is perhaps the most simple and most empowering practice.

Through my own experience and journey I have found the practice of Breathwork to be the easiest, most flexible and powerful practice that I have learned and one that has supported me throughout many years of experiences in my own life that have been multiple and sometimes extremely challenging events to have faced.

It is deceptively simple however for many of us it is not always easy to maintain. When you are aware of your breath, you are present. Life is richer when you can observe the subtlety of each moment and turning your awareness to each breath is a profound practice in and of itself.

What is Breathwork?

For many, Breathwork is a personal practice akin to meditation or exercise. For some it is a wellness tool used under guidance as a remedy to improve mental and physical health. For others it becomes an exploratory pathway to unravel emotional patterns and uncover clearer states of mind. It is quite possible to experience all these benefits.

What Are the Benefits Of Breathwork?

Everybody has a different experience with Breathwork and it does depend on the type and intention of the Breathwork you practice. Some of the benefits include:
•    Increased self-awareness
•    Emotional release
•    Feeling empowered
•    Increased sense of self worth
•    Uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs
•    Enhances Mindfulness & anchors in the present moment
•    Deep connection to self and others
•    States of elation, compassion, empathy, love, understanding, acceptance, joy, etc.

Why is Breathwork so powerful?

The breath is our life force, so changing our breathing pattern for a prolonged period of time can have a great impact on our consciousness.  
It is because your breath directly impacts on the way your nervous and other systems operate, that learning to control how you breathe can help you experience greater well-being.

Breathwork can accelerate personal healing and has been found to have a positive impact on mental health. It can regulate mood, sharpen attention and concentration, and improve neuroplasticity, or the ability of brain cells to adapt and change in response to situations we encounter.
Neuroplasticity improves our psychological flexibility, allowing us to pause and respond thoughtfully to problems and challenges rather than reacting emotionally or trying to control life circumstances.

Karen teaches individuals on a 1:1 basis or small groups of a maximum 6 individuals.


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