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Through my own experience and journey to emotional health and balance I have found that horses played a major role in showing me the truth about myself in a gentle and respectful way (whilst I did not always appreciate or recognise their power to do this), the horses  helped me move to gaining both the  insight and understanding about how to feel free from past traumas and focus on the positive aspects of each moment of the present. They remain my guides and mentors and never cease to provide me with new learning's that serve to empower the quality and richness of my life. This approach to working with clients through the medium of the horse gives a truly unique experience to the client of their own personal discovery. Horses play a large part in showing the person where they are within themselves high lighting the individuals issues in relation to self confidence, self worth, communication, connection, boundaries, trust, fear and much much more.

How does EAP work?

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an emerging field in which you will interact with horses in their natural environment as a tool for  your emotional growth and learning. Karen is a skilled NLP Psychotherapist and Equine handler and would work with both you and the horse to facilitate a gentle yet powerful therapeutic experience. You will experience learning about yourself and others through activities with the horse and then discussion and processing of feelings and behavioural patterns that you may wish to explore or change. EAP has been used successfully in both USA and the UK as a treatment intervention and can [positively impact on depression, anxiety, ADD/ ADHD, grief /loss/divorce abandonment, family of origin issues, addiction eating disorders, abuse issues and post traumatic stress due to abuse.

How does Equine Assisted Learning work?

Using a similar approach to EAP you will work with Karen in an environment in which the relationship with the you and the horse is used a mirror to promote exploration of feelings and behaviours to teach and enhance your healthy life skills. Equine assisted learning can include personal growth and development workshops designed to improve self knowledge and skills in the areas of, communication, confidence, healthy conflict resolution, leadership skills, effective parenting and relationship building with others or the horse / owner relationship

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EFT is a simple and powerful therapeutic tool that uses words to tune into an emotional disturbance that is then balanced and cleared away using simple acupressure tapping. The results are fast and generally lasting. Strong emotions such as fear, anger ,guilt, shame. And sadness dissolve into clear thinking allowing the person to see other perspectives and change feelings and behaviour. EFT is a simple yet powerful technique that Karen uses to empower you for self help to continue working after sessions for as long as the you choose to use the tool. The technique was derived from Thought Field Therapy and is simple to learn and suitable for all

What can EFT be used for ?

  • Fears, Anxieties, Phobias.
  • Obsessions, compulsions, bad habits
  • Performance Blocks
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Traumas and disturbing memories
  • Psych-somatic symptoms.

EFT can assist a Horse Owner / Rider to gain a positive outlook and confidence. They can use it as a tool to gain a trusting relationship with the horse and a calm relaxed approach to horsemanship. By allowing them to release emotions related to accidents and trauma for both the horse and the horse handler it can have a powerful calming and therapeutic effect on the horse as well.
This  work is aimed at individuals who wish to learn to use the technique for them,selves and their horses. It can also be aimed at small groups of a maximum of  four people by request.




This therapy addresses  the Horse owner / Rider

(The Equine version of this therapy is called Equine Muscle Release Therapy)

Bowtech allows the body to reset and heal itself.  A Bowen treatment consists of a series of gentle moves on skin (or through light clothing).  A session usually lasts from half an hour to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of overall relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself.

There are many theories as to how Bowtech works, but none completely explain its holistic effect and often outstanding results.  It does not impose a particular approach on the client.  Instead, it encourages a gentle response which empowers the body's own resources to heal itself.  Bowen moves are a study in delicacy, being light, gentle and very precise. The Bowen Technique is not necessarily a 'long-term' treatment programme.  Most clients find that a small number of treatments are adequate even for long-standing complaints.

The Bowen Technique is considered safe to use on anyone, from new- born babies to the elderly. Some of the wide range of conditions that may respond well to Bowen are;

  • Sports injuries
  • Stress & Tension symptoms
  • Back pain and Sciatica
  • RSI & Tennis Elbow
  • Neck & Shoulder problems
  • Knee & Ankle problems
  • Respiratory conditions & Hay fever
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Chronic viral fatigue syndrome & M.E.
  • Pregnancy & Childhood disorders

Karen uses this approach of Holistic Therapy to help the Horse owner or rider to put their own body back into balance so that they can have the optimum effect for their horse. It has been consistently noted that frequently the horse will develop stiffness or soreness in his own body  that mirrors that of  his rider or handlers body imbalances. When these are addressed in the handler or rider this alone is sometimes all that is required to improve the horses way of going. For a completely Holistic approach to the horse and owner relationship it is sensible to treat both.

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Therapeutic Touch is a practice that  provides a way of channelling energy to promote physical, mental and emotional healing.  It has a balancing effect bringing the body into harmony. TT is a gentle, holistic, non-invasive treatment.  The treatment lasts  approximately 45 minutes.
Therapeutic Touch can be used for all kinds of problems/ailments, however you do not have to be suffering from an ailment to benefit from TT.  It can be a wonderful tonic and is very relaxing.

TT originally foundered by Dr. Dolores Kreiger, Professor of Nursing USA and was brought to this country by Jeannie Sayre- Adams and Stephen Wright. More information about the Therapeutic Touch can be found at
Karen teaches individuals or small groups of no more than four people to learn Therapeutic for themselves and their Horse by request.




Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils, which are obtained from flowers, leaves, roots, wood and resins.  There are several ways to use essential oils such as inhalation, vaporisation, baths, compresses and the way most people know and expect, massage.  The essential oils work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, each oil may have several uses and when combined they enhance each other, in other words they work synergistically.

Aromatherapy is particularly effective for insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, muscular aches and pains but is also helpful in a wide range of conditions, both mental and physical. This is the same for both people and Horses
This is a therapy, which is suitable for all ages.

Regular use of aromatherapy boosts the immune system and acts as a preventative helping to maintain positive health.
Karen can work with a person to teach them how to incorporate the use of essential oils into their daily routine can help them to feel more relaxed and balanced. She can teach the Horse owner / Rider how to use these to help their relationship with their horse.